Veterinary Referral Center of North Texas

Animal Radiology Clinic
The Animal Radiology Clinic provides a variety of diagnostic imaging and radiation treatment services performed by radiology specialists. Radiographs and ultrasound images are also sent to the radiologists for interpretation or second opinion on difficult cases. The imaging services offered at this facility include ultrasound, traditional X-ray, MRI and nuclear scintigraphy. Scintigraphy detects tracer amounts of radioactivity administered for detailed examination of organ function such as kidney, liver or thyroid, as well as bone scans. Radioactive iodine therapy is the most effective treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats and is offered at the Animal Radiology Clinic. Radiation therapy for control of many types of cancer is also performed. A consultation with the radiologist is the first step in determining if a pet is a good candidate for the specialized imaging or radiation treatments offered at this hospital. The Animal Radiology Clinic is dedicated to better animal health through the safe application of radiation treatment and diagnostic imaging.